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Everybody uses scripts on irc one way or another, I like 7thsphere(mIRC5.02) it's outdated but it's nice.
I have tried other scripts and i sometime uses these :
Mangkuk >> Malaysian Script -- by J|wang **dev status unknown Heritage >> Malaysian Script -- by |{i|_|_ **dev stopped Peace & Protection >> Nice Script -- by misspai **dev stopped Prantic >> Compact Script -- by monkgrim **dev ongoing ircN for mIRC >> Complex Script -- by ircN dev team **dev ongoing
I'm currently using my own script "rkmbr rpt". No it will not be released, I made it for fun, the coding is a mess, the protection? can't count on it. Nothing auto, just plain irc with a little bit of a code..


these are the channels that i go to

Undernet Server
#kmk **moved to Dalnet #sayang **dead #merapu **lives on #planet_X **dead #warisan **moved to Dalnet #1979 **moved to Dalnet #metropolitan **moved to Dalnet #wakafan **moved to Dalnet #sinaran **moved to #sinaranku Dalnet #restu **still breathing #bujang **lives on but now that undernet bans part of malaysian user , i seldom hangs out there anymore

Dalnet Server
#kmk **same ppl, different management structure #restu **same ppl, different management structure #warisan **same ppl, different management #metropolitan **same ppl, different management structure #wakafan **same ppl, different management #merapu **different ppl #usm


As it goes everybody these days have or thinks of having their own website. For me I have tried my luck at designing a website several times.

My first website was rather simple and absurd it was made for my ISS'97 group. It is still online but i'm not going to tell where it is.. hehe

My second try was my own personal website Karlbum's Realm. I thought it was rather ok, not too bad not too good, hey I'm not a professional web designer

My third try was for the #sayang. It was a total disaster. Received a whole load of bad comments. I almost gave up web designing. It was my first real try with flash and javascript. In my opinion i didn't thought it was that bad. But the crowd proves differently.

My fourth try which is this site incorporates what i have learnt from my previous tries. This one even include a few original javascript that i cooked up. For this site i tried to create a simple image (dont think that works.. hehe). I uses a lot of javascript and tried to use the remarkable abilities of stylesheets. The Galleria demonstrates the positioning capabilities of CSS(Cascading StyleSheets). As problem goes, I created the site using javascript. As only Netscape and IE supports javascript only both of 'em can be used to access this site. Support for other browsers is minimal, it's not even recommended for some browsers.

My fifth website would be The Gallery, still collecting pictures for it. I'm using the same template as The Domain, as it is supposed to be a wing of the domain and not an actual site. The Gallery includes pictures that are in my collection, taken by me or someone else. Have a look someday when it's ready.

All graphic are created by karlbum, except for the light switch from CoffeeCup and the guestbook (view/sign) from AndyArt Button Vault
Site requirement: Bart, Dolphin and Comic Sans fonts installed, if not download this ZipFile. Javascript and StyleSheet Enabled
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