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I Love You Still

Not a normal poem, more of a rambling of sort I still love you
if you ask
i still care
if u want to know
i still hope
if u ponder

i will be here waiting for you
till times dictate that my love fades
as the sea crashes onto the beach
it is like time on my love
take care not to be too late
take note that i am still waiting
but let see
i was never that patient
i was rash at moments
but i still love you

fate dictates that things happens
i dictates that i want it my way
but god prevails
maybe this is a test from him
maybe its from u
who knows (do u?)

caring for others is something i do
not for the fun of it
but to cherish the moment when they smiled
may that remind u why my heart is warm
i still love you
i hope that u will smile in the end
whether it was bcoz of me
or bcoz of someone else
all i wanted is ur happiness

i still love you
is all i can think
night and day is the same to me
cause the feeling i felt is still the same
dreamless sleeps i have slept for years
i do not want the nightmares to start now
but i wish not dreams of happiness i get

i still love u
is all i can say
a word from a guy who is speechless
but can still type a few things
bleary eyed as i am
i still can see

a moment ago i was in peace
i gained myself again
but now coz i saw sumthin
my heart is broken again

i did nothing but i lose everything
a year of a lifetime i has toiled
2 days is all it took to take that away
i did nothing but it seem i did everything

i still love u is all i want to say
i still love u is the word i will remember
i still waits is all i want u to know
i still care is all that really matters

say not that u hate me
coz the hate is not in ur eyes
say it not coz it is not in ur voice
say not it's all my fault
coz i'll readily agree

i still love u
is what is important
i still love u
is what i care
i will hate u
is what will not happen
i will hate u
is what i cannot accept

broken hearted but still strugling
coz i only wanted to see that u smile to me

oooh u just phoned me
to say i'm a liar
who am i to say
coz i wasnt even given the chance to explain
who am i now to u
just a sick guy waiting to die

i still love u
eventhough u dont care
i still love u
eventhough u hate me
i still love u
even when u seem to love another

oooh u just phoned me again
to tell me to explain
oooh u just told me "nevermind"
when i explained
oooh isn't it fun to play with a guys heart
a bit like a ball but softer
u dont get hurt when u get hit with it
if punctured lets out blood not air

i still love u
even when u do things i would even think of
i still love u

u said that i flirt
'why shouldnt i' i'd said
it's all because i want ur attention
will it do that the women i love
dont care about me

u said that i flirt
who is it that i flirt
a girl whom i think of as my own sister
a girl whom i love like my own sister

i still love you through all this
i will and always love u
though words it seems
doesnt satisfy u
wanna get married? (a pitiful joke u ask sometimes)

i do love u
why shouldnt i
u were the one i kept in my heart
all of my wakings hour were fill with thoughts of u
although it seems that i was not in urs

all u can do now is call me
every few hours
and call me a liar
coz somebody asked and interpreted it the wrong way
should i check to see if the guy is still sane
(coz i dont think he is, acting like he is)

i still love u
even when ur heart is for another
even when he said he doesnt really care
who am i to say
but i still love u

at the end guess what
i still love u
people says
first love hurts the deepest
but i would say
2nd love hurt deeper (thou i can say that my control is better over the matter)

i still love u
coz to me u are all i have
i will and always love u
no matter what (a phrase that a girl before u once
said u know who)
i said it now to tell u the pain
i guess u do know the pain
why not u did have boyfriends before me
more experienced u are (Yoda-like-pronounciation, star wars)

i still love u
is all that this stupid poem is about
if that didnt get through
gods knows what i have to do
beg on my knees perhaps
i would do it if that is what it takes
thou i was never a beggar and never thought i would be
but now a beggar of love i am
hoping someone will drop me a coin of love

i still love u
is all that i cared
is all that matter to me
is all that i want to know
is all that i think
is all that i could do

what more is there for me
is there still a place in there for me in ur heart
is it just me that feel the love
but u were just making a tool out of me
my friends say it is not normal
my friends say forget her
but how could i
paid i am to do it
i will not forget u (thou time will have sumthin to say)
forgive me if i was somewhat a disruption in ur life
forgive me not if i wasnt

i still love u
is all that u need to know
if u did read this far
know now i'm stopping because my fingers hurt
not because i dont have anything else on mind
know now my body aches
coz i havent had a decent meal in days
know now my heart aches for u
may it be that my love will be with u always

and as it now time for me to try to eat sumthin
i say now sumthin i may not repeat again
may it be in emails or in life
coz now i am ashamed of the word
but fate will dictate if that will stay true

Till times ends or till times changes my soul
till then I WILL LOVE U

Arman Sani Jr.

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