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As I Ponder Into Life

by Nazihah Ismail As I ponder into life
I realized that life
Never goes the way I want it to be
As I trot along the road of life
It suddenly came to me
That life will only be how I want it to be
How I treat life is how life will treat me..

I learnt that the feeling of love
Is a singular experience, plurally felt
Like a secret spring, running through our hearts and souls
Helping us to grow...
Love made me understand that to love people
You've got to love yourself first
It's not about how much love you're getting
It's how much love you're giving which makes the difference
To love is to give and take
In short love is a miraculous little thing that
Sends you off flying in the sky
And your heart beating in thunders

I learnt that friendship
Is something to nourish and treasure
For friends are the only people
Who'll come to your aid
In times of thick and thin
Friends are for life
The only people you can count on
The only people who'll be there for you
The only people our trust lies upon
The only people who'll listen and care in times of ups and downs
They share our laughter and cries
For they care like nobody else in the world would

As I ponder into life again
I realized that I have a lot to offer in life
I haven't had enough of life yet
I've got a long way to go
I know that I have to go on
I don't want to leave yet
And I'll do everything I'd ever wish to do in life
Before these eyes of mine
Drift to sleep...forever

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