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contains article, poetry, quotes and lyrics that i've collected over the years


Definition Of Love anonymous


features from Amran a.k.a Ungka Langat, Umi and Nazihah Ismail.

Burning Hearts by Amran Door by Amran Cerita Lampu by Amran Special Kind Of Something by Umi As I Ponder Into Life by Nazihah Ismail I Love You Still by Arman Sani Jr. **extremely long Friend For All Times anonymous Friends by Kristone Avalon excerpt from the motion picture DragonHeart Code of A Knight excerpt from the motion picture DragonHeart Love unknown Suicide unknown Trust unknown


a selection of quotes and proverbs

Science and Art by Albert Einstein Viking Proverb
Random Quote Compilation


lyrics from OST to ol' stuff

I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You from the soundtrack of Zorro Slide Goo Goo Dolls More Than Words Extreme Princes Of The Universe Queen OST of Highlander
contributions are highly accepted

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