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My name is Rahman. Everybody on the net call me Man or Karl. Born in the year of the goat (that's 1979), under the sign of the Archer(Sagittarius). Lived most of my life in Pasir Mas, Kelantan with a few short term in Klang and Kulim. Currently I'm staying in Penang, Pearl Of The Orient. Now I'm at USM pursuing a degree in Applied Biology(Aquatic).

My Trusty Nikon F60

In my spare times I do a bit of gardening(cactus mostly), reads sci-fi and fantasy novels (finishing up Robert Jordan's books). Still cycle and play table tennis when I feel like it. I still IRC, just to check up on ol' friends, but you won't see me much. Currently I'm pursuing a new hobby : photography and drawing, guess the artistic side is prevailing.

If u wish to donate blood to me make sure ur a B+, or I'll kill u.. hehe joking. My life's principle is "Go with the flow...". My favourite food, would be anything edible and halal. But for drinks i would go for water, 100plus and iced tea. My personality? some say that i'm funny, sometimes too serious, sometimes crazy. When I'm in a good mood I get along with pretty much everybody. But when the moods come, I'm pretty crazy..

Here's my favourite quote to end my incessant chatter..
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." (Albert Einstein)


Currently I'm involved in a couple of projects.
1. Finishing my degree!!! (3rd year)
2. VP for the Kisas Alumni WebPage Team ... (stalled)
3. Gallery @ .... my personal collection of photos (in progress)

Judge of the 1998,2000 & 2001 Cari's Best Site

Always was a Malaysian, always will!!

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