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Life without a friend is death without a witness (Spanish Proverb)
Shout out goes to ......

My sisters, K.Mah, Umi, Ilmi & the little one Nadiah..
-----> *wink* *wink*
Old Friends, Amran, Arief, Sham & Ude ..
-----> let's have some fun ;)
My big bro! Mzre -----> "mai penang singgah no!"
Veteran IRCers, kulin, manja & dilla -----> gumbira selalu!
The Cool Gal, zuren -----> jgn lupa mai konvo!
My Study Group -----> pustaka jom!
Kanak-kanak Riang -----> jom sany!
Bebudak Istana Jubilee -----> Starcraft lagi ker?

All the KISASIAN out there ....
ISS 97er all over the world .... Japan anyone?
Budak BELUM-PERDAMA2K (P-BELUT2K) .... satu jer?
Gayourians .... may the memory remains...
KMKians 98/99 .... jom cafe!

Something a friend wrote to me, as our days at the college were ending...
You know why you're very special?
Because you're a friend who knows what loving
and caring really mean.
It's not just a smile or a shoulder to lean on
every now and then,
it's a way of life, a promise, a celebration of feelings...
Thank you for truly caring and for making the idea of love
a wonderful way of life.

Thanks for the thought and the memories shared... I will stay the same!
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