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Officially the site is no longer maintained, u can head on to my new website at

After thoughts: it seems that a few javascripts on the site is now not functioning. Is IE backward incompatible or did i code wrong. coz a few years back everything was fine. Though if i test it on my computer everything is ok

Updates!![I think?]

I changed the "Main Page" that's all
And the sign the "guestbook!" if u have something to say [bad/nice :)]

Sorry the light is off!!
This site uses an inverted color scheme, if u have eye problems, sorry!!
Comments and suggestion please email to me fadh(a)
Sorry for writing it like that, having problem with spam bots

Random Quote
(the true pointer of how crazy i am to be able to collect all of this quotes i wonder why i ever collected it in the first place?)


If u see this in italic then stylesheet is not enabled. Enable it!! Extra requirement is to have the fonts Bart, Dolphin and Comic Sans installed.
Download this ZipFile if u don't have the fonts

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Site requirement: Bart, Dolphin and Comic Sans fonts installed, if not download this ZipFile. Javascript and StyleSheet Enabled
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