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HTML and Programming >> Web Design Group Site **good reference >> World Wide Web Consortium Site >> Bruce Eckel's Site **good java book >> Danny Goodman's Site **author of JavaScript Bible

Free Software >> 123webmaster resource center >> Free Software >> Free Software too >> Window Software

Linux And The Internet >> Klang Valley Linux User Group >> Perak Linux User Group >> All in One News >> Variety Site >> Malaysian 1st Search Engine >> #eggdrop Undernet >> Ultimate Eggdrop Help Site **is it? >> Packet Storm Security Archives >> DAMN group **cracking group >> Hawkee Scripts >> Heritage Technologies **scripting related >> Jiwang's Place

Music >> Lyrics Galore >> #kmp3 site

Channel >> Warisan Internet Community >> #bujang Undernet >> #1979 Undernet **Dalnet too? >> #metropolitan Dalnet & Undernet >> #merapu Undernet 1st Edition >> #merapu Undernet 2nd Edition >> #kmk Dalnet & Undernet

Personal websites >> Naraliez Technologies >> Elliez's HP >> Adi's Place >> v1.09

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